Policy & Administration 

Inglewood is a charter city of the State of California. This means that the basic law of the City is set down in a Municipal Charter ratified by the people of our city and approved by the state government. This charter enumerates the fields in which the City may govern itself, the principal officials of the city government, and outlines the basic duties of various officials of the city government.

The city charter also sets forth the fields of activity for which the city government is responsible. The principal activities are police and fire protection, public services (streets, roads, sewers, storm drains, sanitation, etc.), water supply, building inspection (inspection and control of public and private buildings for the protection of the citizens), parks and recreation programs, and libraries.

The City of Inglewood is governed by a City Council of five members. One Councilperson is elected in each of the four districts. The fifth member is the Mayor, who is elected from the city at large. The City Clerk and City Treasurer also are elected from the city at large.

Elected officials must secure a majority, more than half of the votes cast, with run-offs if necessary.

It is the primary responsibility of the City Council to set the policies which govern and operate our city government. The City Council, in enacting these policies, is concerned with all municipal activities.

Toward this end, the Council meets weekly to enact laws, to formulate policies and to adopt programs that will best serve the needs of the citizens.

The Mayor, in addition to representing the entire City at large, presides at all meetings of the City Council, signs all documents, such as contracts, ordinances, resolutions, etc., and is the official representative of the City on such County and area-wide groups as the Sanitation District, League of California Cities, National League of Cities and the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Other members of the City Council also serve as representatives on groups within, as well as outside, the City. Such groups are the Los Angeles County Division of League of California Cities, the South Bay Cities Council of Governments, Southern California Association of Governments, the South Bay Cities Economic Development Partnership and the Inglewood/ Airport Area Chamber of Commerce and other municipal organizations.

In order to carry on the day-to-day business of the City in the most efficient manner, the Mayor and City Council employ a City Administrator, whose position is authorized by the City Charter. This individual is a professional governmental administrator whose primary responsibility is to transform the policies and determinations of the City Council into concrete results.

The City Administrator acts in the capacity of a general manager and coordinator. Each department head is responsible to the City Administrator for the activities of his or her department. In turn, the City Administrator is responsible to the City Council for activities of all City departments. The City Council members are responsible to the people of the City, particularly those in the district which they represent.

By this chain of responsibilities, the wishes of the majority of the citizens of the City of Inglewood are carried out by the City government, and it is this responsiveness to the will of the citizenry that forms the basis of our local democracy.

Council Committees
In July of 2003, the City of Inglewood established eight Council Committees. They benefit the public by making government more accessible, accountable and efficient. The Council Committees will consider matters relating to Community Development, Public Safety, Public Information, Community Services, Budget and Finance, Public Works, and the Planning and Research Committee. Each Council Committee will consist of one Council member serving as chair and one Council member serving as vice-chair, along with appropriate City Staff. Council committees consider items that will eventually require Council action. Their assignments shall be two-year terms and will coincide with the City’s fiscal year.

Citizen Advisory Commissions
Several functions of the city are reviewed by advisory commissions, made up of civic-minded citizens. The citizens who serve on these various commissions are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council. Their services have been invaluable in the following fields: library, parks and recreation, parking, planning and zoning, civil service, building appeals, traffic, and human affairs.

City Clerk
The City Clerk is an elected official and serves a four-year term of office. The City Clerk is the custodian of the official records and documents of the City and is responsible for the custody of the City Seal. In addition, the City Clerk supervises the conduct of all municipal elections held in the City, registration of voters and the administration of oaths.

City Treasurer
The City Treasurer is an elected official and serves a four-year term. The City Treasurer is responsible for depositing all monies received by the City, and for maintaining records of the available funds and investments as designated and approved by the City Council.

The Treasurer shall name the bank or banks that shall redeem warrants, signed by proper officer or officers, for claims or demands which have previously been approved by the Council, and shall approve such agreements with such banks as may be contemplated by law in connection with the deposit of public monies.