Mayor James T. Butts

Inglewood is at a crossroads in 2011. Job One for the Mayor and Council will be to right size government as we eliminate the remainder of the 17.6 million dollar structural deficit. We must focus on providing for public health, public safety, good schools, as well as infrastructure maintenance and renewal. Doing a better job in these core functions will provide the foundation for superior urban renewal and economic development, both key to local recovery from a recession that has devastated property values, pension fund stability, and job markets throughout the country.

Inglewood must position itself to have robust economic engines in place as the recession cycles into expansion. The president of Madison Square Garden called on January 13th to discuss their planned acquisition and renovation of the Forum. This will herald the return of high-caliber entertainment to Inglewood. In addition, we must aggressively move forward with the Hollywood Park Tomorrow Development. The new residential neighborhoods, 600,000 square feet of upscale retail and entertainment businesses and 25 acres of community parks will form the foundation for a new Inglewood. This $2 billion investment will create jobs and draw foot and vehicular traffic to new and existing businesses in Inglewood. Together, the City, residents and business working together will build the Inglewood of tomorrow, bringing jobs, prosperity and revenue. I look forward to serving you as your Mayor.

James T. Butts,  MAYOR